YOU are your child's best soccer coach

My Story

I grew up playing soccer.  I cannot remember a time when soccer was not a part of my life. Throughout my teenage years I also refereed soccer at the youth level.  When I entered high school I elected to stop playing soccer and instead began coaching youth soccer and refereeing high school soccer.  

Fast forward to today.  

I now have 10 years experience playing soccer. 10 years experience refereeing soccer. 15+ years of experience coaching soccer. 30+ years as a soccer fan. 

But most importantly, I am now a father of a soccer player.  

Very few things have brought me as much joy as watching my daughter's love of soccer growing day by day.  

Combining my love of soccer and my love of my family is a dream come true. 

Backyard Soccer Coach is the intersection of the things I love...and my goal is to help YOU combine your child's love of soccer and your love of spending time with your child. 

What soccer parents are saying

"Having played multiple high school sports, I understand the need to know and practice the fundamentals. Backyard Soccer Coach keeps my daughter on track, practicing the skills that matter most."

Jon Workman, father of 13 year old player

"I want to help my daughter become a better soccer player — but I’ve never played or watched soccer in my life.  The tools and tips that Mark shares have helped me enjoy playing soccer with my daughter more and helped her improve as a player! It’s awesome!”

Matt McWilliams, father of a 5 year old soccer player

What You Can Expect

I am a dad who loves his kids and wants to help them succeed at soccer and in life. 
The tools and resources provided on BYSC will be judged by only one thing -- Can they be used by regular parents -- regardless of their level of soccer experience or knowledge -- without the need to travel to a soccer field or acquire special equipment. 
There are plenty of resources that will provide you with team training drills, advanced soccer tactics and strategy.  That is not this site.  
BYSC is focused solely on your child's individual growth and development outside of organized practices and games, because that is where growth and development will come from. 

YOUR Story

If you are still reading this I know a few things about you: 
1. You love your child
2. Your child loves soccer
3. You love spending time with your child

Backyard Soccer Coach exists to help YOU pull together those three things into one.  
The resources we provide will give you the framework to spend quality time with your child helping them learn the fundamentals to becoming a better soccer player. 

There's no better place to start than my FREE training manual 7 Soccer Moves Your Kid Will Love. Click the link below to get your copy delivered to your inbox.